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Golf Driver Set Up Keys For More Distance

Golf Driver Set Up Keys For More Distance

Over the course of the last 20-30 years, golf has changed and evolved.  Players have come and gone, the way the game is played has changed, and courses have changed as well.  That’s not the only thing that has changed over the years.  

One of the biggest influences that has caused change over the years, is the advancement of technology. 

It is the year 2023 and the technology available today is drastically different than what you used to see back in the day.  

You have probably had a conversation with an older member at your club (who will probably talk your ear off if you let him) about how when they first started playing, the clubs were made of wood.  Fast forward to today where we now have robots who test out clubs to optimize the club as much as it possibly can.  

With the change in technology, golfers are able to hit the ball further than ever before.  A common theme in today’s game, whether amateur or professional, is gaining more distance.  The technology is beneficial, but you can also get fitted to maximize distance as well.  Technology and fittings can only do so much.  Pair that with a lesson or two and you will be off to a good start!

Once you have the club in your hand, it is up to you to perform and execute.  

Why not try to give yourself an advantage before you even take a swing?  One thing you can do is, get your setup better to get the most out of your driver.  

What steps do you need to take to get set up properly and maximize the distance you can get out of your driver?  

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Tee The Ball Up High

The way you set up with your driver, really depends on what you are trying to do off of the tee.  If you’re looking to keep the ball in play with a narrow fairway and trouble all around, you may want to try teeing the ball slightly lower rather than higher.  

If you have an opportunity to rip one down the middle of a wide fairway, then it’s time to be aggressive and tee it up high.  

You don’t have to get too crazy and use the tallest tees you can find.  Use a standard length tee and tee the ball slightly higher than what you’re accustomed to.

Drop Trail Foot And Flare

The next thing you should get in the habit of doing, is getting your feet set up in a good position.  A good routine to practice starts with this:

  • Start with your feet together with the ball in the middle
  • Take your lead foot and move it out one inch
  • Take your back foot and step back so that you are standing slightly wider than shoulder width
  • Drop your trail foot back and flare it

This setup may appear like you’re trying to set up for a draw, but that is not the case.  You should still commit to your shot shape and play the swing that you have. The reason for flaring the foot is that it allows you to increase the size of your pivot giving you more room to make a powerful turn.

Tilting Your Spine

Once your feet are set and the ball is lined up on the inside of your lead heel, it’s time to tilt your spine.  You want to tilt your spine away from the target.  The reason for doing this is it sets your body up in a position that will make it easier for you to hit up on the ball.  Your body is set up to hit up, creating a powerful driver swing.


Getting more distance out of your clubs, especially your driver, is becoming one of the greater advantages in golf.  You see players like Bryson Dechambeau and Rory Mcilroy obliterate the ball day in and day out.  When you are able to get a few extra yards out of your drives, you have less yardage into the green.  The closer you are, the easier golf becomes.  Give yourself an advantage and start bombing more drives down the fairway.

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