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Shifting Your Weight For Better Ball Striking

Shifting Your Weight For Better Ball Striking

Wouldn’t we all like to hit the ball better? Hitting pure shots that melt off the face is one of the best feelings in golf. The ones that feel like we don’t even touch the ball and sail perfectly toward the green. That feeling is what golf is all about.

There’s different factors that go into good ball striking. There are plenty of lessons on ball striking that we cover in our ELITE vault. You can check that out here! One important factor would be your weight shift in your swing!

Golf can be frustrating at times. Learning what adjustments need to be made in your swing and how to do them can be a challenge. It also doesn’t help when there is over complicated information out there that is difficult to follow. It helps if we keep things simple!

A big part of ball striking involves how we shift our weight and use our feet with the ground as we move into our downswing. If you want to find out if you’re shifting your weight correctly, you do not need a bunch of fancy equipment to do so. You just need something out of your fridge!

Water Bottle Drill – How It Helps

Who knew golf could be this simple? All you need is a water bottle and your golf swing! But what will this water bottle actually do for your golf swing?

The first thing this drill will do is help convey an understanding of what you need to do in your swing to create a good weight shit. You will be able to get instant feedback to see if you’re shifting weight properly.

You will also be able to get the feel of what you should be doing. Creating a feel will build muscle memory that you can actually start to apply to your swing and take it to the course.

Water Bottle Drill – How To Practice

How does the water ball drill work?

Grab an iron you’re comfortable with (we chose a 7-iron) and set up a ball and get into your stance. After you’re set up, you then want to take your trusty water bottle and set it up just inside your trail heel.

A common mistake golfers make is they tend to stay back and fall away from the ball as they make their downswing or turn the ankle away from the target. This leads to inconsistencies and loss of power along with accuracy.

You don’t want to fall away from the target. You want to generate as much power as you can by using your weight and the ground to your advantage. With the water bottle in position, you want to shift your weight and feel your trail foot bank into the bottle and roll.

This gives the right feel of shifting your weight in the downswing. It also gives the feeling of how to use the ground to get your weight to move.


Struggling with proper weight shift is a common problem seen with amateurs. Most of the time, they don’t understand what proper weight shift feels like as they have been taught or built up different muscle memory. This may be the case for you too! With the right help and practice, you can begin to improve your ball striking.

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